Comprehensive Medical Management for Chronic Conditions

Our mission is to provide fully-integrated, comprehensive care for chronic medical conditions. We take a coordinated approach to monitoring your well being through regular wellness appointments and remote patient monitoring. At Side Health, we are always by your side. Get started today!

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*Device eligibility is determined by your medical condition and insurance provider

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Improving the Quality of Your Life Through Better Health and Monitoring.

Side Health provides comprehensive health monitoring services for patients, including monthly virtual wellness checks and connected health devices.

What we offer

Remote Patient Monitoring
Weight Management
Diabetes Monitoring & Prevention
Medication Management and Refills
Preventive Health Services
High Blood Pressure Monitoring & Prevention

Remote Patient Monitoring

Side Health is proud to provide our valued patients a remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution, helping us stay connected to you and your health outside of office visits.

Delivering a more connected care experience through a powerful combination of at-home devices and data for the right care at the right time.

Caring for the health of you and your family we provide comprehensive health and wellness monitoring for you and your loved ones.
Side Health has designed a simple and effective RPM solution that combines easy-to-use devices with healthcare technology that allows you to automatically send us your vital signs so we can see how you are doing in-real time.

RPM can monitor a number of conditions, including:

High blood pressure


Heart Failure





Studies show patients monitored via RPM achieve accelerated health improvements as compared to patients who do not have RPM care.

Real results from real patients

Average systolic BP improvement for RPM patients

Average diastolic BP improvement for RPM patients

Average drop in mg/dL for RPM patients

94% Patient Satisfaction Rate w/ RPM

(Source: Kaiser Permanente)

What Our Clients Say

Thank you so much for checking in and caring for me. When you guys are caring for me, you’re also pouring out hope and well-being to my family and friends as well. My care team is awesome, thank you all again.

A satisfied RPM patient
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